These days, the world is just as it was in the days of Noah and Lot. In those days, the wrath of Yahweh (Lord) came upon the people all of a sudden like a snare and destroyed them because they were dominated by carousing and cares of this life. But the righteous escaped the wrath of Yahweh (Lord). The people of the present age are also like them. The wrath of Yahweh (Lord) will come to the earth all of a sudden. We, the gentile bride, are taught in the Bible about the seven church ages, seven messengers and the morning star. Seven messengers have come and gone in all the seven ages. Therefore, is there no messenger after the seven messengers of the seven ages? If there is, who is that? When will the Bride be raptured? When will the tribulation begin? When will the millennium reign come? Let’s find the answers here for questions raised above.
I request the readers to notice the use of Hebrew names in the place of English names, which are Yahweh instead of Lord, Yahshua instead of Jesus and Elohim instead of Almighty.
“After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.” (Hosea 6:1+3). The two days stands for two thousand years. Only these two thousand years are given as a grace period to the Gentiles. The Messiah is going to turn towards Israel. So you can understand that this is the time for the Bride to be raptured to the mid air.
From Adam to Noah, it was two thousand years. Then the Flood came. From Noah to Messiah it was two thousand years. Then the grace came. A change took place at the end of every two thousand years. It has been two thousand years from the Messiah till now. A change has to take place now. The change is the rapture of righteous to the mid air and the Messiah turning towards the Jews. After that, tribulation will come to the world. After that the seventh Millennium will come which is called a thousand years’ rule.
When we see this time, we can know that this is the time for the rapture of the Bride.
2Pet 1:5-11 says the following. “And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance, and to temperance patience, and to patience Godliness, and to Godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness charity… for so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “ When the Holy Spirit revealed to me the truth of this scripture that these eight qualities are to be compared to the church ages and the messengers, I taught the same in synagogue.

8th day(sun)

The morning watch

(Rapture)(1996-   )




8th Angle

7th day (sat)


(AD 1906-1996)





7th Angle

6th day(fri)





6th Angle

5th day(thu)


(AD 1520-1750)



5th Angle

4th day(wed)





4th Angle

3rd day(tue)





3rd Angle

2nd day(mon)





2nd Angle

1st day(sun)





1st Angle

After the seven messengers to seven church ages, the morning star is promised to the church. So I compared Love to the morning star. As the ministry of the morning messenger belongs to the ministry of love, we can see that the name Philemon fits there. The name Philemon means ‘he who has love’.
I happened to see a dream at the end of the year 2011. In the dream I was taken to heaven. There I saw the messiah. He came rushing to me with a great speed. When He was coming to me he changed into a face of a lion as white as snow. He turned to me and roared. When he roared his face was extremely terrible to look at. After this dream in 2012 it was revealed to me that the head stone was placed on the pyramid and that the stature of the messiah was made perfect.
In the year 2012, the Holy Spirit compelled me to teach about the image of the Bride. I was praying about it. One day, when I was going through some books, I found a book titled “Stature of a Perfect man” authored by Brother Branham. I turned the pages of the book to go through when I saw the word “Stature” in the title. I found a pyramid shaped picture in that. The stature of a perfect man was shaped into a pyramid.

I was surprised to see that, because what was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit had also been revealed to Brother Branham in 1962. I did not know that the revelation I had from the Holy Spirit about the Stature of a perfect man had also been had by brother Branham until I read the book.

Messiah was raised early in the morning. So the Bride also has to be raptured early in the morning. So I drew a picture below placing the head stone called love on the top of the pyramid, thus perfecting the image of Yahshua.

Notice now, the perfect image of a perfect man is completed. The head stone called love has come. This is the second coming. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that it is the head stone called love or the morning star that says, “Come up here, tribulation is going to come to the world, it is going to be destroyed, and day light is going to come.”

Now let’s see about the head stone called love or about the morning star in detail which is to come after the seven messengers to seven church ages.

The Bride of Messiah must recognize this time called early in the morning. This time is only for the Bride, not for the Gentiles. The sovereign Almighty who sent the evening messenger with the spirit of Elijah to declare the final church age called Laodicea church age has also said that a morning messenger will come to declare this time. When Moses came it was revealed what season it was, so was it with Messiah and the seventh messenger. In the same manner, when the Morning star comes, a season will be revealed.

Because it is said in Gen 1:14 & 15 that Messiah, his messengers and his Church will signify seasons, days and years.

Rev 2:26 – 28 says, “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations. And he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my father. And I will give him the morning star.” The sovereign has promised the Bride that he will give the morning start to the one who does the works of Messiah carefully till the end.

I shall see him, but now. I shall behold him but not nigh. There shall come a star out of Jacob, and a scepter will rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab and shall destroy all the children of Sheth. Num 24:17

The wise men visited the Messiah in Bethlehem of Judea through the star of the east. Mat 2:2. As the star made known the coming of Messiah to the wise men, as the Eliazer brought Rebecca to Isaac, so the Morning star will take the Bride to the Messiah who is to come to the mid air.

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. (Rev. 22:16) The Messiah is the morning star. Messiah says that he is the Star of David by connecting himself to the star and David.

According to the verses mentioned above, we can see that the morning star will be given to the bride. It is promised that the morning star will come after the seven messengers to seven church ages. If there was no messenger after the seventh messenger William Marian Branham, when would the promise of the morning star be fulfilled? There must be a morning star after the evening star. In some occasions brother Branham mentioned in his messages that the morning star would be there before the day light. (On 29th June 1964 in Philadelphia, America) in a messages titled, “The Almighty appeared before us” he stated saying, “We are seeing the sign of His coming, there will be a thick darkness before the Sun light, then the morning star will come to proclaim the arrival of day light and that the messenger is saying that His advent is coming.” It is a foolish thing for some to say that we have nothing to do with the morning star while brother Branham told that the morning star would come to declare the arrival of the day light.

Romans 13 : 11 – 14 says, “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.  The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.  Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.  But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.”

Isn’t the time to awake out of sleep is the morning time? Even today in the villages they know the arrival of the morning by looking at the morning star. It is said in the above mentioned verses that the believers are saved during the time of awaking out of sleep and that the night is far spent and the day is at hand. Let us compare this time to the time of Noah, Lot and other times. Even though Lot was a nominal saint, he stood as a believer in Sodom. When the head stone called love was placed on Lot’s family, they got rid of the love of the world. Therefore, his family, being helped by angels, escaped Zoar from the cities burnt with fire when the morning came. It was the love of the most high that saved them. To walk according to His commandments is love. But Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. (Gen 19:15-22).

The Sun had risen on the earth when Lot came to Zoar. That was the time; Yahweh rained brimstone and fire from heaven and destroyed all the inhabitants of the cities including everything that grew on the ground. (Gen 19: 23-25) Here we can notice the rise of the Sun and destruction of the two cities. We can also notice that when the Sun had risen, the cities and the night time passed away, and at the same time the day light began.

According the above mentioned incident, the early morning is the time of salvation to the true believers from the tribulation. When the Sun rises, night (world) passes away and the day light (Messiah’s reign) begins. Hallelujah!

It is written in Exodus 14:24 – 27 that Israelites crossed the Red sea and reached the shore when Yahweh from the pillar of fire troubled the Egyptians in the morning. It means that, till the morning they stood still expecting with faith that Yahweh would save them.  In the morning, when the Israelites were given Love, that would not love anything more than the sovereign, they stopped looking at the Egyptians but at the salvation they were given from the Egyptians. It means that they were led into a greater salvation in the morning than they became believers first.

When the Sun rose, the Egyptian army was destroyed, this means that the night and the Egyptian army perished at the same time. Then a day without darkness began. It shows that the morning is the time when the righteous will be saved, without being destroyed with the iniquitous.

Noah and his family entered the ark after seven days. On the same day the waters of the flood came upon the earth. (Gen 7: 10-13) After seven days (Seven church ages) the eighth day will come. The eight day is definitely the morning time. The seven church ages are seven days. After the seven messengers, the morning star is promised. So the morning time is the eighth day. In John 8:56 Messiah said, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day.” As the Messiah’s time is compared to a day here, so is the morning time. When it is said that the Noah’s family entered the ark on the eight day, it means that they entered the ark in the morning when the eighth messenger (morning star) had come. When it is said the flood came on the same day, it means on the eighth days the Sun rose, flood came and destroyed the world and after that the new kingdom came. So in the morning the eighth star will definitely show a time. This is the morning time. This is the time when the bride will be saved from the destruction of the world. The wrath of Yahweh will come upon the world at the Sun rise. Two things happen on one day. This is the day of the son of man.

The world in the present days is just as it was in the days of Noah and Lot. In those days people were eating and drinking, selling and buying, planting, building homes, marrying and given in marriage, not realizing that their time would end very soon. Even the people of present age are under the impression that they have developed a lot, not realizing this age will soon come to an end.

The Almighty who destroyed the sinners in the times of Noah and Lot will not spare the sinners of present time. As the flood came on the same day Noah entered the ark, as the fire and brimstone were rained upon Sodom on the same day Lot got out of it, so the tribulation will begin on the Earth as soon as the bride will leave the world in the morning time (the eighth day). After that the destruction will occur.

In the day of the Morning Start the Bride will be raptured to the mid air. Hallelujah! That will be the eight day and the first day. The eighth day will be the eternity. The eighty day signifies new creation. A new generation came out of the eighth members of Noah’s family. It was on the eighth day that the new synagogue was established. It was in the early morning of the eighty day that Messiah came out of the tomb. In the same manner, in the morning of the eighty day the bride will be raptured to the mid air. If a tree bears fruits in certain season, the tree that comes from that will also bear the fruits in same season. A mango tree bears fruits in the same season in which the tree where it got its seed from bears. The trees of certain kind bear fruits in the same season. The bridegroom rose early in the morning. As the Bride groom and the bride are of same kind, the bride will also be raptured early in the morning. Hallelujah!

2Pet 1:16 – 19 Peter says, “For he received from Almighty the Father honor and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount. We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.” Peter is the one who saw the Messiah with his eyes and here he is speaking about his first coming. The word brought light into dark heart of a sinner. But the morning stat will bring more sure word of prophesy. It means that it will teach about the day time coming for the righteous. It will teach about the day time which means it will first teach about the night that is to end. The Bride will be taken from this world which is like an ending night to the mid air. When the eighth messenger or the morning star comes, he will not use stars to give light in the dark places, which means the doors of the Gospel will be closed to sinners. The morning messenger will speak to the Bride face to face. Which the seventh messenger is the last messenger to the world, the morning messenger will be the last messenger to the Bride in this world. After the morning messenger, Moses and Elijah will come to the Jews with the last trumpet. After that the Sun of righteousness will rise. The millennium reign will begin.

There is a book in which brother Branham explained about the seven church ages. While writing about the church at Thyatira, in the end he explained about the morning star. It is written as the following:

“The morning star is promised to the people who lived in dark times. The chief stat (the morning star) Yahshua who lives in an unapproachable light will enlighten them with his own presence in his future kingdom, he will not use stars (messengers) to give them light in darkness and Yahshua himself will speak to them, sharing with them the things of Kingdom face to face.”

He told that the Sun would rise after that. While he rules his kingdom, he told that we would live in his presence. This will happen after the time of tribulation. So far, I have kept some proofs before you about the morning star.

Explanation about the revelation of the Morning Time to me:

I did not come to know about the head stone called morning love through any pastor, church elder or any human being, but it was first revealed to me through dreams and later through scriptures.

Every time when the Almighty sent his messengers, it was not only revealed what time it was but also fulfillment of scriptures belonging to that particular time also took place. When John the Baptist came, it was not only revealed what time it was, but we also see fulfillment of some scriptures foretold by prophet about that time. When Messiah came, the same thing happened. Every scripture about the Messiah was fulfilled in that time. When Elijah came in Laodicea church age, not only the time was revealed as the evening, but also every scripture belonging to the time was fulfilled. In the same way, when the morning star rises up, it will not only reveal the morning time, but also every scripture foretold by the prophets about the morning time will be fulfilled.


I was born on 22nd June 1969 in a small and remote village called Bodduluripalem near Ongole. The place is in Andhra Pradesh state, INDIA. My family members were idol worshippers. When I was conceived by my mother, she went to be examined by a doctor who told her that there was still time for delivery as it was the eighth month. On the same day my mother attended inauguration ceremony of a church near my grandmother’s house and was prayed for by the pastor. Immediately her birth pains (Labour) started and she gave birth to me. After that my mother was attacked by epilepsy on account of which she was hospitalized and I was left at home. After some days, I died and was laid out side of the house. After some time, when people saw me moving, they took me into the house, knowing my life had come back. “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee, and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and ordained three a prophet unto nations.” (Jer 1:5) When I grew up my mother told me that I was born on the same day when doctor told me there was still time for the delivery.

When I was seven years old, I was told about the Messiah by an old lady who used to work in our house. She used to pray for me and encourage me to pray. I used to pray alone. Thus I came to know about Messiah for the first time. However, I used to worship idols along with Messiah as I was ignorant of the differences between the two.

When I grew up, I was very much moved by the death of a certain man in my village due to a terrible disease. When somebody died, I used to cry along with their family members. I used think again and again how it would be possible for humans to live forever without dying. This question about life without death (Immortality) remained in my heart. When I was studying seventh standard, I saw a church in my grandmother’s village on which it was written “I am the resurrection and life. He who believes in me, though he were dead, yet he shall live.” (Joh 11:25) When I read these words, I felt as If I had found the answer I had been seeking for a long time. All the worries of death left me. Then I went to the church for the first time thinking though I died, I would live again if I believed in Messiah. On the same day, the seventh standard results were announced and I passed the exams. Yet I did not stop worshipping idols because I did not know it was wrong.

When I came to tenth standard, I worshipped idols more than Messiah. Yet, I failed in exams. The day I went to the church for the first time, I happened to pass seventh standard but this time I failed. I began to realize that the idols had deceived me. So I stopped worshipping them and again started to worship the Messiah.

Again I studied the subject I had failed and passed. When I got myself admitted in a college, I heard about Pastor M. Johnson from Kakinada through a brother. Pastor Johnson, like Elijah, stood for the truth. When I came to know of his teaching that the Sovereign is one, salvation is only in the Name of Yahshua Messiah and that he fought against the denominations of wrong teachings and fought for the doctrine of the Apostles, being inspired by the Holy Spirit, I attended pastor Johnson’s meetings in 1988 and was baptized in the name of Yahshua Messiah. Pastor Johnson then prayed for me and named me “PHILEMON”.

I used to read the New Testament I had. That was the first time I began to read the bible. The word “Pray without ceasing” caught hold of me very strong, so I began to spend much time in prayer.


While some golden sparks were rising from an ocean to heaven, a voice was coming out of that saying, “Johnson, you preach about me.” The same golden sparks surrounded me.

In 1988 in a night dream, the golden sparks completely surrounded me. At that time my feet were not standing on the ground but above it. Then, I was in control of the small golden sparks that surrounded me. I was going in the way they were taking me. Then I realized that the Sovereign who told Johnson to preach about him is not sending another one now to preach about him, but He himself had come down and preaching.

In a dream in the year 1993, sparks of fire containing flames and light were falling on my head. People who have seen the way the commandments were written in Ten Commandments movie can know what I mean here. Two flames of fire with sparking light go like sparkler and write on those two tablets of stone. In the same manner, sparks of fire with flames rushed towards me one after another like whirlwind and fell on my head.

In 1995 when Pastor M. Johnson slept in the Lord, I was praying with the entire synagogue having a great burden in my hearts for the synagogue. I thought, if Johnson was alive he would preach the Gospel, I was good for nothing and I wished I died and he lived. I thought there was none to lead us further. At that moment, I dreamt a dream. In the dream I saw a very bright shining white cloud coming down with sounds of great thunder. I have never seen such a bright shining white cloud in my life. I was in a room, looking at the cloud landed on the ground. The cloud was brighter than the Sun. At that time, there was neither the Sun in the sky nor the sunlight on the earth. The light of the landed cloud was like the light of daytime. The brothers and sisters of the synagogue were in the same room I was in and they were in deep sleep. I kept looking at the cloud landed on the ground through window. Then I went to the people sleeping and shouting at them, “Wake up, the Almighty has come down.” I was pulling out the blankets they were covered with from head to foot. I did the same again and again. They did not wake up. I reached the window and saw the cloud. The Almighty was there in that cloud. The Almighty got out of the cloud and stood on the ground. I thought the place where He got down would be burnt because He is the consuming fire. After that, the cloud began to go up with great sound of thunder. While the cloud was ascending, I knelt down, raised my hands up and began to glorify Yahweh with a loud voice. Hallelujah! Yahweh taught me in 1996 that the morning message is the message of waking up of the bride.

I dreamt again the next day in which I was in a garden. A white clad man came to me, put some seed in my hands and went away. After that it was revealed to me that seed represents the Word. I did not know what the leading of the Holy Spirit was; I came to taste that then. After that Yahweh began to give me His messages. The Sovereign taught me how I could stand for Him with His word. When I could not understand something in the Bible, I used to pray in his presence for understanding. I read about the morning star in the Bible. I could not understand what it was. I prayed about it but it was not revealed to me. I was uncertain about the morning star. Then, Yahweh revealed it to me for the first time when He revealed to me a message titled, “How have we become the seed of Abraham?”

In 1996 in Narsipatnam, when the congregation asked me to preach for the first time, I taught them about love according to the revelation of the Holy Spirit. The believers were very much moved by the message. The first message that Yahweh gave me to preach was the message of love. On 22nd January, when I was travelling to Kakinada from Narsipatnam, Yahweh gave me the revelation of the Morning Star that the Morning star teaches about the day time that is to come, which is called the morning time and that the righteous will be saved by the love of Yahweh during that time. Let me tell you that this is the time of the fulfillment of the dreams I had in 1988 and 1993 and the scriptures Rev. 2:28, Rev. 22:16, Romans 13:11-12 and 2 Pet 1: 16-19.

I had a dream in 1993. In the dream a bright shining star appeared to me in the east. I saw a rope little fatter than a palm tree, surrounded by flames of fire, hanging out of the star, rushing from the east to the west, emitting sparks of fire. In front of the flames, I heard a great voice saying, “Behold, I am coming soon.”Only few people heard that voice. In the same dream I saw coffee colored smoke, entering into the houses through windows. Then I heard a voice saying, “That’s the evil spirit.” But I could not understand the meaning of the dream. As I had recently become a believer from Gentiles family, I did not know that it was written in the Bible about the Morning Star.  The meaning of the dream was revealed to me in the year 1996.

It has been revealed to me that the world is left to the evil spirit, that the doors of the Gospel will be closed, that the Morning star will appear before the arrival of day light to proclaim about the coming tribulation and the day time and that the Bride will be raptured to the mid air at that time. The Messiah, Noah and Lot escaped the tribulations in the morning time. So the sovereign told me that the Bride will escape the tribulation in the morning time. Hallelujah! Then I saw my dream accurately fits into the scriptures because it is written in 2pet 1: 16-19 that when the Morning Star appears, it will preach more about the coming day time than the Gospel in the world.

After few days, I happened to read a book titled, “Explanation about the seven church ages” authored by brother Branham. He stated that the Morning star was promised to the people who lived in dark times. The chief star (the morning star) Yahshua who lives in an unapproachable light will enlighten them with his own presence in his future kingdom, he will not use stars (messengers) to give them light in darkness and Yahshua himself will speak to them, sharing with them the things of Kingdom face to face.” After reading this, I was confirmed to me that the dream I had was very accurate. When it is said that the Sovereign will not use his messengers to bring light to the sinners in darkness, doesn’t it mean that He would leave this world to the Evil spirit? When I saw that my dream had coincided with Branham’s dream, I realized that the dream belonged the present times.

I had another dream in 1993. I saw a bright shining white cloud in the sky. Some people standing below it were cursing it. All this was happening above the house that was opposite to my house. Then the bright shining white cloud turned into a cloud of fire, was divided into large sparks of fire and fell on the people cursing it. They fled away.

In 1995 Pastor M. Johnson held meetings in front of my house, the very place I saw in my above dream. He had been weak for few months due to illness. Everyone was greatly revived in the meetings. After that he went back to Kakinada. After few days from then, he slept in the Lord. That was the last meeting he held.

In 1996 when I was called by Yahweh to the ministry, all what happened above was revealed to me. Changing of bright shining white cloud into a cloud of fire meant the change of ministry. We see in Exodus : 14: 19 – 27 that the Yahweh who had walked before the people of Israel went back to them, became a pillar of fire and confronted the Egyptians by took off the wheels of their chariots, they said to themselves, “Let’s run away because Yahweh is fighting against us for them.” The work of Yahweh changed in this verse. Yahweh let the Egyptians follow the Israelites. But in the morning time the Israelites were separated from the Egyptians when the head stone called love stood between them. Have you noticed? The work of Yahweh changed in the morning. In the morning, the Yahweh stopped walking before Israelites, came back to them and stood before Egyptians and them. Cursing the while cloud signifies that Messiah is gracious to the sinner that curse him. Yahweh is gracious to sinners till Laodicea church age. He showed his grace to the people cursing him. He let the sinners live along with righteous. There are tares along with wheat. It rained on both tares and wheat. He let Egyptians follow Israelites. He let the chaff be with wheat because it was grace period, a time given to sinners to repent. During this time, the word was like a lamp, giving light in dark places. During the church age of Laodicea, Elijah brought Messiah’s light to sinners. Brother Branham and Pastor M. Johnson were filled with the spirit of Elijah. They spread the net of the Gospel. Fishes of different kinds were caught. But during this time of Early Morning, good fish will be taken in and the useless will be thrown out. In the same manner, during the early morning time, the ungodly will be separated from the righteous. The headstone called love inspired Israelites to love the sovereign more than anything else. That was his love. After that, when the Sun rose in the morning, Yahweh destroyed them. Num 14:27. After the rapture of the Bride, when the sun rises, the condition of the world will be like that of Egyptian army.

In the same dream, the white cloud turned into a cloud of fire, divided into pieces and fell on the people cursing it. Then they ran away. This speaks about the early morning ministry of Messiah. In the morning time Messiah was not gracious to sinners. He left the world, thinking let the unjust be unjust continuously, let the pure be pure continuously. Yahweh was not gracious to Egyptians. He decided to destroy them. Even now the bride will be separated from the world as Israelites from Egyptians. The morning star will separate the bride from the world because she possessed the head stone called love. The bride is like Israelites (believers) among the Egyptians. Better Salvation came to them not when they believed but in the early morning time. Before the morning time, they believed that Yahweh would save them from Egyptians. He separated wheat from chaff and stored the wheat. The same thing will happen to the Bride. People who possess the head stone called love will be separated. As a fisherman takes good fish and throws away bad ones, the sovereign will take the bride to him and leave the world to the evil one. This is the judgment. If the judgment starts at the house of the Sovereign, what will become of disobedient ones? Tribulation will be their fate. Truly the time of early morning is the time of Judgment. It will begin at the house of Sovereign. The house of sovereign is synagogue. The judgment of sovereign began in 1995. Sinners were cursing the white cloud. The white cloud turned into a cloud of fire and fell on the people cursing it. In my dream, all that I explained above happened on the top of the house that was in front of my own house. In the same place Pastor M. Johnson held a meeting. After that he could not hold meetings anywhere due to ill health. After some day he slept in the Lord. In 1996 I was called to the ministry. At that time, the time of early morning was revealed to me through scriptures and the dreams I had. The work of Yahweh changed. So he changed even the persons. Yahweh is closing the doors of the Gospel and raising the bride through the head stone called his love. Pastor M. Johnson would have been alive if the doors of the Gospel had not been closed; he was taken away because the doors of the Gospel are closed. Yahweh was gracious to sinner till 1995 but from 1996 Yahweh ceased to be gracious to disobedient because of which He has left them to the evil spirit. He is separating the Bride from the disobedient. Hallelujah! He is separating the light from the darkness. We see change of persons in the bible when the ministry changed. Moses went away when Joshua came. Elijah went away when Elisha came. When the morning messenger comes, the ministry of the evening messenger that’s the ministry of Elijah will be stopped. The doors of the Gospel will be closed to Sinners. The bride which has been hoping to be saved by Yahweh will be saved by Him by being taken to mid air in time of early morning. If the wrath of Yahweh comes upon certain city, we can run to another city. The Bride will be taken to the mid air because the wrath of Yahweh will come upon whole earth.

Person changes when time changes. How many letters does the name “BRANHAM” contain? Seven What about “JOHNSON”? Seven But what about “PHILEMON”? Eight. Eight comes after seven. The number of letters in the names serve as a great proof to identify the eighth messenger after the seventh messenger. I was born in the eighth month. I was baptized on 8th Jan 1988. I was baptized in Kakinada in 1988 and came back to Kakinada again to do the ministry in 1996 and we can notice the time gap between the two to be eight years. Everything is linked to eight. These are all the signs to identify the eighth messenger of morning time. As Enoch the seventh one was taken up, so the bride will be taken up in the morning time. At the sound of last trumpet bodies will be changed. When Israelites had crossed the red sea early in the morning, the day broke. Egyptian army was perished in the sea. The bride will be raptured early in the morning. The sun of righteousness will rise. The tribulation will start in the world. The wrath of Yahweh is going to come upon the whole world. Therefore you cannot run in to an ark or Soar to escape but be raptured into mid air. Hallelujah! This is not the seventh day but the eighth day. Early in the morning Jacob fought against a man and received blessings. Run to escape like a woman called Rehab. Eliazar is symbol of seventh messenger and also eighth messenger. He is the seventh messenger who introduced Rebecca to Isaac. He is also the morning messenger who brought Rebecca to Isaac early in the morning on camels. Hallelujah! Time changed. Can you see that the Sovereign is now not there to preach the Gospel to the world but to He is at his Church to judge early in the morning?

This is the time for the rapture of the Bride. The rapture can take place at any time. Very soon the present age will come to an end. The Bride groom will soon come to the mid air and hundreds and thousands of people will be left behind. The people left behind will have no other way except tribulation. Every word I say is not mine but Messiah’s. I grew far from Pastors and Churches. This time was revealed to me through dreams when I did not know single verse from the Bible. These dreams are in accordance with the scriptures. I did not receive the time of the morning star from a man. It was Yahweh who revealed me the head stone called love. Who can give such a salvation to save us from the coming wrath? Very few will recognize this. When you receive the head stone called love, you cannot love anything in the world because nothing will seem greater to you.

If there was no eighth messenger after seventh messenger, why did Branham say that the Morning star would come and declare about the coming day time? Rev. 2:38, Rom 13: 11 – 12, 2Pet 1: 17 – 19. Can you tell when these will be fulfilled? You cannot tell. Therefore, think about it. The time of seven messengers is seven days. The declaration time of the Morning star is the eighth day. The eight day will have no end. That is the eternity. Therefore, you should recognize this time and come under the message of the morning star before the wrath of Yahweh comes. The morning star is calling by saying, “Come up here.” The wrath of Yahweh will be poured on the earth after the eighth messenger. The change of time means that the Messiah who was the evening light has now become the morning light. If you are the bride, this is the time of your salvation.

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