As we are living in the end days, the DAY, the YEAR, and all the details regarding rapture of the bride must be revealed. So many people in the world are waiting. If you are also hoping you also must read this message.

• Why Brother BRANHAM has been died (slept) in 1965 it self?

• Why Pastor M.Johnson has been died in 1995 it self?

• When the Bride (Church) will be raptured ?

I am seriously sick, I am very much burdened regarding the BRIDE church. I am putting the message that the Holy spirit has spoken with me at this period. Previously I have given to you the message regarding four watches. If you have not read yet, read it without any negligence. The persons who has read it can easily understand. This message which discussing about the second coming MESSAIAH has informed me about this 4 watches MARK 13:32-37; Genesis 19 And 24 chapters. We can see 4 watches. Let us look into message.

Brother Branham :-

The Brother Branham has born in 1909. The rays of the light has entered through his window and has hanged the Bed of this child. When he was Born it was proved ray or sign (miracle) that he was born by the ALMIGHTY. Br. Branham has said that the church in LAVODEKHYA has been started in 1906 and it is the time of message from the evening. Therefore the time of the evening has been started since 1906. Through Bro. Branham word of YAHWEH spread through out the world along with miracle and wonders. He stood against the Bad preaching churches you all know about Br.Branham. so, I am not writing about him. Br. Branham died in 1965 in car Accident. When he died let us see in the following message Pastar M.Johnson. worked as pastor in Kakinada, of Andhra pradesh, India. The unity has revealed personally regarding the unanimity and regarding the Baptism in the name of Yahshua Messiah. I have seen in Dream in 1993. In that dream there is a house in front of my house (ours is a small interior village near Ongole town in Andhra pradesh) on that house there is a Bright white cloud in the sky. Many people are Abusing it. That cloud has been changed as a cloud of fire and that cloud was divided as pieces. The pieces have started falling on the people who are abusing and they are running away to escape. This dream has happened in May 1995. On the house which I have seen the white cloud which has been become cloud of fire. In 1995 Pastor Johnson has conducted a meeting just at the house on which the white cloud has been changed as a cloud of fire and this is his last meeting and after this meeting his health started deteriorating. In November 1995 he has died (Slept). In 1996 YAHWEH has called me to His ministry by giving the message of morning star. In the same way the white cloud has been changed as cloud of fire YAHWEH work has also changed. It means the cock crowing has been changed early morning the word that is giving light in the darkness has been changed as the word which separates darkness That means since 1995 the doors of Gospel to the world were closed. And since 1996 YAHWEH has been protecting the righteous from their suffering (TRIBULATIONS).

Brother M.PHILEMON :-

I am PHILEMON born in 1969. Ours is a idol worshiping family. Though the doctor informed that there is some more time for my birth, because of the prayers of the priest, my mother has started getting pains. After my Birth my mother became seriously ill and kept in hospital and I was kept in the house. After a few days, I died. They want me burry me, as I was not moving and weeping and they kept me outside. After a while the life came into me and they kept me inside the house. My mother has told me that I was born because of prayer, I was died and lived again and it all happened because of the ALMIGHTY. After JOHNSON has slept (died in 1995) it has been revealed to me about the early morning message in 1996. Since then we have been proclaiming the early morning message to the BRIDE. After Johnson died in 1995, early morning message has been revealed to me in 1996 from that I was preaching early morning message. Brother Branham died in 1965 and Johnson died in 1995. Then what about me (Philemon) up to when I will live on earth? Up to when the bride will be on earth? Let us see, I can prove that there is relationship to me, to Br. Branham, Pastor M.Johnson will all the 4 watches of the night. You all know that the evening has been started slice 1906 and the evening messenger Br.Branham.

Let us look out into 4 watches and the mystery in them. How many hours to a watch? 3 hours and let us compare 30 years with 3 hours. Evening : 1906 to 1935 Mid night : 1936 to 1965 (Br. Branham has slept in 1965). When we observe above watches Before starting the watch, its messenger has been slept. This happened since Br. Branham. As he is world messenger so two watches are for him. Evening and Midnight, After finishing his evening and midnight, he died (1906-1965).

Time of cock crowing :

1906 to 1995 (in 1995 Johnson slept). Bro Johnson’s is cock crowing and immediately after the cock crowing is finished. Br. Johnson has slept. (1966 to 1995).

Early morning : 1996 to 2025 (In 2025 I (Philemon) and Bride will be raptured could be understood by the death of the above messengers).

Time of Tribulation : from 2026 this is up to 3 ½ years. Mine (Philemon) is early morning time and so after completing early morning Br. Philemon will not live on earth (1996 to 2025) early morning will be finished in 2025. Time of tribulation will be started from 2026.

As Brenham and Johnson have been slept (died) after finishing their watches and before starting another watch, I am also supposed to be taken away from earth after I had finished the watch allotted to me. I believe this will happen, like this for me also as it was happened to Branham and Johnson also. They slept (died). I am telling myself and the bride will be lifted. The Gospel Doors are completed, when Johnson has slept in 1995. Since 1996 the message of morning star has started. Now also it is same as the bride will be raptured to mid sky. From 2026 the time of Jesus will be started. Since birth(1909)of Branham and the completion of its watches [Till death (1965) ] it is 56 years. In the same way it will be 56 years since the birth of Philemon (1969) and till the completion of his watch(2025). Is it not a wonderful thing? When Branham was born? In 1909. When he has slept (when the two watches are completed?) in 1965. What is the age between 1909 to 1965. It is 56 years. When I was born? In 1969. When we will be rapture? (when the watch allotted to me will be completed). In 2025. What is the age between 1969 to 2025? It is 56 years. The life time of evening Angel and early morning Angel is same. The age of both is same i.e., 56 years.

This is proving that the message of the early morning Angel is true and In 2025 the bride will be raptured. For how  any years Branham lived on earth, i will also like the same. Now Tell me. Why Branham has slept in 1965? The two watches allotted to him are completed. And he died. Why Johnson has slept in 1995? He slept because the watch allotted to him was completed. Why I will not be on earth in 2025? I won’t be, because the watch allotted to me will be completed. Observe these watches, they are like a chain. When we see the relationship of the speakers, with those it will be suited. It is really like a chain. The Almighty who is with Brenham is also with the Johnson. Thus, We were proving that the Almighty who was helpful to Johnson, Now helping Philemon also. This chain starts from 1906 and ends at 2025 with messengers. If this is not true, tell why the messenger died before the starting the watch . Some groups because of world Gospel and women preaching turn out of this chain and went in to darkness. This link was broken till not yet to see the morning star. In the same way as gospel doors closed in 1995, and early morning started in 1996, the bride will be raptured in 2025, the grace will be opened to Jews in 2026. Some preachers are telling that, raptured day, raptured time will not be known to any one as Messaiah told. Messaiah told we don’t know day, hour but he did not told that no one can know year, month, week. So, the year for rapture of bride will be revealed.

In it there is no doubt. On that day as YAHWEH revealed about saving of Noah and Lot and perishing of world, this day we our self time of saving, time of division will be revealed. From these watches I can say that bride will be rapture in 2025. For bride, up to 2025 morning star message will be there as word of God telling the people who are lying that the morning star message is over must know the facts and should be redeemed from the woman’s Teaching.

The Grace of the Almighty will be with you all Amen.

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